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Want To Beat The Clock And Slow Down Aging? Doctor Says Get In The Pool

Want To Beat The Clock And Slow Down Aging? Doctor Says Get In The Pool



The 1985 Ron Howard movie “Cocoon” sees a group of elderly adults gain a new found strength, enhanced energy and a new lease of life and youthfulness from swimming in their local pool. Now, the pool in the movie contains powers from another planet, however, you can have a similar experience yourself by taking a dip in your pool. Of course, your pool will not be a creation of an alien life form, but this does not mean to say that it cannot help you find a new lease of life, just as the characters did in the movie “Cocoon”.

A long-term study from the Indiana University Bloomington found that swimmers over the age of 35, who were swimming 3.2-4.8 kilometres three to five times per week were actually postponing the ages process by decades. The qualities of their bodies- such as lung function, blood pressure and muscle mass-remained like the qualities of those tens of years younger than them.

Now, you may not have time to swim that much a week. You may not be an excellent swimmer, and you may be well past the 35-year-old age marker. However, swimming can still benefit you greatly, and these benefits can start with just a minimal amount of swimming…


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