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Ejector Seat Bar Stools? Yes please.

Ejector Seat Bar Stools? Yes please.

We have had quite a few ‘dudes’ write in lately asking us to dig up some cool toys. We have listened to your request and here it is fellas.. something that would make any man-cave scream “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”

For all you man-kids out there who have fantasized about being a jet fighter pilots growing up, we would like to introduce you to Hangar 54’s Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat.


The company behind this cool concoction is Hanger 54. Founders Brett and Shane Armstrong, venture into aviation graveyards around the world looking for unique parts to turn into bespoke high-end furniture.

“…we sat down and realised there was a great business opportunity to create unique pieces of furniture finished to a high standard. We also liked the idea that some of these wonderful pieces from the aviation world weren’t going to be lost or wasted forever. Some items, like the ejector seats, were quite easy to look at and think of as a piece of furniture. But a lot of these parts are extremely hard to find, such as the Martin Baker ejector seats. We have got three of them at the moment.” said Brett.

Each repurposed Martin Baker MK10 Panavia Tornado Ejector Seat is priced at £8160 (US$13,400).

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