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Grassroots Luxury Woven Into A Must Have Fashion Accessory: Feel-goodism in Fashion

I have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years now and have worked with countless fashion designers all over the…


Escapades Of A Sandwich Thief. WARNING: You Might Pee Your Pants

This one is for those who bring their lunch to work and keep it in the company fridge in a shared kitchen…


The (Very) Dark Truth Behind Tim Hortons – #TimsDark Experiment

OK so if you live in Canada (like many of our readers do) then it will come to no surprise that Tim…


These Pens Were Made For Writing.. Ah, I Don’t Think So!

Living 360 is about sharing cool stuff.. it’s about helping you think differently. So we couldn’t resist sharing this cool video with…


[Interview] Dennis Hopper: Actor, Director, Art Collector & Standup Guy

  Showing art is rather a different experience. Are you satisfied? Yes. I sold two of my works for the first time,…


These Pics Take The Term “Perfect Timing” To A New Level

If you fancy yourself as a photographer, than you will share a common trait that all photographers around the world share –…


Could These Be The World’s Most Powerful Ads? – Well Done WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a new series of ads entitled “Stop One. Stop Them All” which has stopped many…


Women All Around The World Are Talking About “The Nipple Artist”

I think it can be said that almost everybody knows someone who has gone through or lost their lives to breast cancer….


Models Push Themselves To The Limit By Diving 25 Metres To Shoot In Bali Shipwreck. Unbelievable Results!

As you all know, I love photography and more so, I have a tremendous amount respect for photographers who challenge their limits…

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[Series] World’s Best Photographers: Mario Marino

Mario Marino is an Austrian born travel portrait photographer based in Germany. Marino has been photographing various peoples in their native lands…