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These Pics Take The Term “Perfect Timing” To A New Level

If you fancy yourself as a photographer, than you will share a common trait that all photographers around the world share –…


Could These Be The World’s Most Powerful Ads? – Well Done WWF

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a new series of ads entitled “Stop One. Stop Them All” which has stopped many…


Women All Around The World Are Talking About “The Nipple Artist”

I think it can be said that almost everybody knows someone who has gone through or lost their lives to breast cancer….


Models Push Themselves To The Limit By Diving 25 Metres To Shoot In Bali Shipwreck. Unbelievable Results!

As you all know, I love photography and more so, I have a tremendous amount respect for photographers who challenge their limits…

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[Series] World’s Best Photographers: Mario Marino

Mario Marino is an Austrian born travel portrait photographer based in Germany. Marino has been photographing various peoples in their native lands…


Curbing Hormonal Eating: A Must Read For All Women

By Catherine Rose This kind of eating pattern in the days leading up to menstruation is typical for many women. It will…


[Series] World’s Best Photographers: OSKI PHOTO

There are fashion photographers and then they are those who matter. Meet Oski – for those in the head-spinning world of high…


The Power Of The Internet Can Move Mountains – It Even Gave This Homeless Man A Home

I know that we have all seen examples of how crowd funding can get a new business funded and off the ground…


[Brands We Love] The Rubber Band Machine Gone: Office Fun On A Whole New Level

Nobody likes guns. We certainly don’t. But we do like well designed contraptions, so when we came across this “Rubber Band Machine…


COMING SOON: The World’s Best Photographers Will Be Featured On Living 360

We asked you, our loyal readers, what you want to see more of on Living 360 and you told us. The people…